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Undergraduate | Auditions | Jazz Student Handbook | Music Industry

Here you will find three printable PDF documents and two sound-files to assist your preparing for your audition.

Audition Rhythms.pdf
Print out this sheet, practice it with swing and even eighths, and bring it to your audition. Note the rehearsal tips at the top of the page. At your audition, you may be asked to start and stop at any measure.

Aud.Rhy.Sw.Snd (Flash required)
Print out this sheet as well. Since swing phrasing typically presents a greater challenge than even-eighths, this page is marked to reveal how and why medium-swing phrases are articulated. Compare it side by side with the Audition Rhythms, and use it as a practice tool. Do not bring this sheet to your audition.

While viewing this sheet online, click on "Example 1" in the upper-left corner to hear a sound-file of the Audition Rhythms being played with acceptable style. Practice reading either of these two sheets while listening to this sound-file as a means to check your playing for errors.

Aud.Rhy.Pr.Sw.Snd (Flash required)
You need not print this page but should view and listen to it. Click on "Example 2" in the upper-left corner to hear a sound-file of the selected Audition Rhythms being played with unacceptable style, followed by proper phrasing. The page is marked to indicate how each pair of measures differ.



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