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Faculty | Mary Morton Parsons Jazz Masters

Mary Morton Parsons Jazz Masters

The Mary Morton Parsons Jazz Masters are a group of jazz musicians who are adjunct faculty in Jazz Studies at VCU. As the Jazz Masters they provide jazz instruction and appreciation for elementary, middle and high school students throughout Richmond and beyond. The mission of the Jazz Masters is to acquaint children with jazz. They present solo and group sessions as requested by schools: workshops, concerts, master classes and one-on-one instruction. These activities are funded by a permanent endowment that was donated by patrons of jazz through a challenge grant from The Mary Morton Parsons Foundation.

Listen to track #12: Fast Friends

Hear and see VCU Jazz faculty members Skip Gailes (sax), Rex Richardson (trumpet), Antonio García (trombone), Bob Hallahan (piano), Mike Ess (guitar), Tony Martucci (drums), and VCU Jazz alumnus Rusty Farmer (bass) perform several tunes at
Start approximately 25 minutes into the clip for about a half hour.

Profs. Bob Hallahan (piano), Victor Dvoskin (bass), Tony Martucci (drums), Skip Gailes (saxophone), and Mike Ess (guitar) are the VCU Jazz Masters.

Skip Gailes (seated, far left) observes as the Jazz Masters rhythm section discusses styles with high school students. Click image to enlarge.

If you are interested in bringing the VCU Jazz masters to your community, please contact Prof. Bob Hallahan or Prof. Skip Gailes.

Students from the host high school jam on "Birks' Works" with the VCU Jazz Masters faculty. Click image to enlarge.